WARREN COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Friday, Warren County Health Services put out a COVID-19 update. Although vaccines are prevalent and many feel safer than ever to resume pre-pandemic life, the numbers show that it hasn’t gone away. This week, three county residents died of illness stemming from coronavirus infection.

The most recent death was reported on Friday. The resident was in their 70s, had been vaccinated against COVID-19, and died in hospital care.

The county’s coronavirus numbers on Friday included 91 new cases, including the results of 32 at-home test kits. Nine cases remained hospitalized, with 141 new cases seen over the last five days. The county’s 7-day average positive test rate rose to 9.6%.

The county has offered a limited number of free coronavirus test kits at its municipal center in Lake George. Town halls and Glens Falls City Hall also have their own stock. The county urges residents to keep some test kits stocked, as the weather gets colder and coronavirus transmission is on the rise.

As of the CDC’s most recent update on Thursday, Warren County is listed at a high level of community coronavirus exposure risk. Surrounding counties are listed at a medium risk rate, with several neighboring counties in Vermont listed as having a low level of risk.