ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — St. Peter’s Hospital—part of St. Peter’s Health Partners (SPHP), which is itself a member of Trinity Health, one of the nation’s largest Catholic health systems—now requires its employees to be vaccinated. On Thursday, Trinity Health announced the new vaccine mandate for all colleagues—including those who work at St. Peter’s.

The new guidelines mean that all clinical staff, contractors, and those conducting business in health care
facilities must be COVID vaccinated. That’s over 11,000 individuals at SPHP.

“Safety is one of our Core Values. We know these vaccines are safe and reduce the chance that members of our community could become seriously ill or end up in one of our hospitals,” said Dr. James K. Reed, the president and CEO of SPHP, in a written statement.

September 21 is the first rolling deadline that SPHP staff must meet by submitting proof of vaccination. If experts determine that booster shots are necessary, the health system says staff will also be required to get those and submit proof.

“We have an obligation to those we serve to provide the very best care,” Reed said. “This decision represents the next step in our continuing efforts to do all we can to provide healing, compassionate care while recognizing our vital role in ending this pandemic.”

Staff must formally request exemptions for religious or health reasons, which must be documented and approved. Without an approved exemption or proof of vaccination, employees will face termination.