NEW YORK (NewsNation) —The heart of the nation’s largest is city beating again, as New York reopens and Broadway prepares to come back to life. However, along with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, New York is facing a surge in violent crime.

At least six shootings occurred across New York City Wednesday night, leaving one dead and several wounded, including an 8-year-old. NYPD stats for last month show crime overall up more than 30% year over year. Specifically, robberies are up 28%, assaults 35% and shootings a staggering 166%.

It’s become a campaign issue in the race to be the city’s next mayor. “Nothing works if families aren’t safe on our streets on our subways and in our neighborhoods,” said NYC Mayoral Candidate Andrew Yang.

An even bigger issue for resurging tourism industry. “We were literally scared that we were gonna get robbed because it’s only me and her,” said one visitor. “Right now it’s crazy—there’s cop cars everywhere.”

Although some visitors say they are reassured by a heightened police presence. And while the city points to lower crime on its subways, there’s been a recent string of random attacks there, too.

“It’s not just in one spot or another. If it were, I think it would be easier to address, both from the NYPD side and from our side,” said NYC Transit Authority President Sarah Feinberg.

New Yorkers live it daily. “Yeah, it worries me, like we don’t want there to be more crime when there’s more people here,” said New Yorker Keye Chow.

“Of course it’s unacceptable and that goes without saying. We’re doing the things to turn this city around,” said NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.