Loss of smell from COVID-19 creates fire risk concerns

Coronavirus Outbreak

(WSYR-TV) — A loss of taste and smell has become a telltale sign of a COVID-19 infection. It is also serving as a reminder to be prepared when it comes to fire detection.

“Being prepared is the way to go and failure to prepare is preparing to fail,” said Thomas Basher, assistant chief of the Ithaca Fire Department. “I’m not concerned with people losing their sense of smell, not knowing that there’s a fire. I’m very concerned about people not having working smoke detectors in their house.”

You should have a working smoke detector on every level of your home and in, or right outside, each bedroom.

You should test the smoke detectors at least every month, and make sure your family has an escape plan. And Basher says, there are other way to keep you and your family safe.

Keeping things clear, away from the fireplace, away from the furnace… Those things that could be an ignition source could be a big way of keeping things safe. And if you want to go a step further having fire extinguishers placed strategically throughout the house, so if you do have a fire somewhere, you have easy access to a fire extinguisher.

Even if it’s a small fire and you are able to put a fire extinguisher to it, and keep it a small fire or put it out, that makes a lot of sense. If it’s a big fire, just close the door and get everybody out and we’ll come and take care of it.


So, whether or not you’ve lost your sense of smell — fire safety should always be a top priority.

A recent study showed about 86% of mild COVID-19 cases lost their sense of taste and smell. The cause of this is still unclear.

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