ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A new study led by Oxford University researchers found that 37 percent of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 experienced at least one long-term symptom.

A long-term symptom is defined as one that lingers for at least three months after an initial infection. Most common symptoms included abdominal pain, trouble breathing, fatigue, and chest or throat pain. Some long-haulers around the country have called for action.

A rally was held outside the New York State Capitol on October 1 to call for more funding to go towards researching long-term symptoms and ways to treat them.

“We’re looking for more support, more education, more research, more post-COVID care clinics to help us to heal, because this disease is debilitating,” COVID-19 long hauler Maya McNulty said.

The study also found over 20 percent of long haulers experienced mental health challenges, including anxiety and depression.