CORINTH, N.Y. (NEWS10) — It’s been over a day since 9-year-old Charlotte Sena was finally found, and now the community is trying to return to a routine, but many are still shaken.

“It’s almost a sign of relief. ” Jacob Blake, parent and Corinth resident, said. “To know that she’s home with her family.

Orange shirts were sported throughout the community Tuesday evening, including by Jacob Blake’s son, who is close in age to Sena and attends the same school district.

“You know, it’s scary to think about—something the family was just doing…something that we do every day,” he said. “You know, going out in public, riding her bicycle, and then…all of a sudden, next thing you know, she’s missing.

The bright color celebrates the safe return of Charlotte and is a sign of unity with the Corinth school district.

“You don’t think about the small things like that,” Blake said. “Till something like this happens, and it makes you more cautious when you’re out in public.”

With parents and teachers talking about the events of the last few days with their kids, school administrators, and Andy Kelley, Fire Chief for Corinth Volunteer Fire Department, the community remains a resource for any student with extra counselors on hand.

“Now everything is much better now that she’s home, and she’ll be back in school soon with her friends,” Kelley said. “So, it’s a great day.”

And first responders assure the community they are always ready for any situation.

“We have to be. We cover all situations,” Kelley said. “And so my resources here if traffic control is needed, or search and rescue, or water rescue, if people are lost, we have to be prepared.”