Corinth High School intercepts potential student threat


CORINTH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – School districts have been on high alert following the recent shooting in Florida.

One local sheriff’s department is stepping up in a big way and it paid off after a credible threat was made at a school this morning.

The sheriff’s department has had deputies at schools across the county since the shooting in Florida.

Monday morning one of those deputies was able to intercept a threat at Corinth High School.

Police say 14-year-old at Corinth High School texted his ex-girlfriend saying he was going to shoot her and others at the school Monday morning.

“The student arrived and was immediately apprehended,” said Mark Stratton, Superintendent of the Corinth Central School District.

Superintendent Mark Stratton says the student who received the threat brought it to a teacher and the school was able to alert a sheriff’s deputy who was already on the grounds.

“Since the tragedy in Florida they have had a county in our buildings every single day,” Stratton said.

Kenneth Cooper is the Director of Community Preparedness for the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department.

“By training the teachers, by training custodians and other staff that if something does happen they immediately take action,” Cooper said.

He says there has been a sheriff’s department presence at all schools in the county since the Florida shooting and today it paid off.

“We take those threats serious and you will be arrested. That’s part of what’s going to happen here. It’s just stop making those threats,” Cooper said.

Parents in the county say they’re thankful for the added security.

“It’s very scary. Very scary. It could happen anywhere,” said Mike King, whose son attends Saratoga High School.

“Kind of one of those text twitter messages that was threatening that needs to be taken serious,” said Gail Holstein Danforth, whose son graduated from Saratoga High School.

They support having an armed professional in the schools their children attend.

“At least it’s a deterrent for someone who may have a plan to do something. They might think twice,” King said.

Corinth Superintendent Stratton agrees.

“They build relationships with your kids and I think it’s an important word on to have in your building,” Stratton said.

Cooper says the sheriff’s office is even hoping to take things a step further.

“Hopefully the new school year of 2018 we will have sheriff’s deputies as school resource officers in every one of our public schools,” Cooper said.

As far as the situation in Corinth, that student was taken into custody and is facing felony charge of making a terroristic threat.

The sheriff’s office and the superintendent reminding everyone of the importance to speak up if you see something unusual.

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