ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — This week on Empire State Weekly, as the migrant situation continues to unfold, frustrations are growing. Albany lawmakers spoke out against DocGo, the company hired to care for and transport asylum seekers in Upstate New York.

Congressman Marc Molinaro, representing the 19th District, explained he places the blame for the current lack of information on New York City Mayor Eric Adams. His criticism came after lawmakers from around the capital region alleged that DocGo was failing to fulfill responsibilities in providing medical care and not communicating with county leadership.

“This was a contract that wasn’t vetted, it wasn’t competitive, it wasn’t transparent, and now, there’s a lack of oversight, and you’re seeing it in communities like Albany county, but others where there should be this coordination and care for the very human souls being located, and there’s none of that.” Said Molinaro when speaking on the over 400 million dollar contract DocGo was hired for.

Also this week, the state parks department got ready to mark its centennial. Erik Kulleseid, the Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation Commissioner, explained that he “barnstormed the state” to raise awareness for 2024’s centennial celebration. He also indicated that the recent severe weather has impacted the parks as they plan for the future.

“We got walloped by those storms at the beginning of July, dropped nine inches of rain I think at West Point and Bear Mountain is right next to West Point, that park was wiped out. We have to be thinking of the future and I think the great thing about being the parks system is with 79 million visitors we can model the best behavior, the best practices for the world we’re moving into.” Said Kulleseid.

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