SARATOGA COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — People visiting their deceased loved ones at Corinth Rural Cemetery are frustrated at a lack of maintenance to the grounds. The Town is attributing the long grass and weeds to a transitional period, after members of the board that took care of it resigned over the summer.

“It’s sad,” said Christine Robbins, who often visits her parents’ graves in Corinth.

“Every time we come, I always bring my weed whip. I come prepared. And I don’t mind doing that, but I can’t do the whole cemetery, and there are a lot of people who deserve to have their family members’ graves taken care of,” Robbins told NEWS10.

According to a New York Division of Cemeteries report from a July meeting, the Town wanted to avoid becoming responsible for the cemetery, and the Division said it would work with them to try to see if they can identify new board members and help the cemetery continue operating.

The Department of State told NEWS10 Corinth Town officials have indicated they will be able to identify new board members for the cemetery to consider.  Should that not succeed, the Division of Cemeteries is happy to discuss alternatives with them.

In the meantime, people who visit there have seen it become overgrown. Corinth Town Supervisor Eric Butler has been receiving complaints.

NEWS10 has reported similar issues at other cemeteries, like the Hillside Cemetery in Ballston. Board members that took care of that one passed away, and the town did not make its maintenance a priority.

Supervisor Butler said for Corinth, they have been looking into inexpensive ways to get it mowed, and hope to have it done this month. Robbins and her family will be waiting for those results.

“Find the powers that be, and find out who or what can help with this situation,” Robbins said.