TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) -Proposed concepts for the Troy-Menands Bridge have been discussed by the Department of Transportation and commuters since 2022. As the bridge reaches the end of its lifespan, nine models have been mapped to show how the local area can benefit.

The bridge has been connecting the city and village since 1932 with four lanes of traffic. The DOT says while the bridge is still functional, repairs have been long overdue. “I’d like to point out the bridge is safe. It’s inspected regularly. It does not have load restrictions, but it is at the end of its life cycle,” said a project manager from WSP.

As the bridge continues to see consistent traffic, presenters at the public comment session held at Hudson Valley Community College showed how replacing the bridge entirely may decrease commute times. All nine proposed models will feature a Single Point Urban Interchange or SPUI. “It brings the ramps from 787 together with the thru traffic on 378 to one single point that is signalized,” explained Katie Craig who is in charge of traffic operations.

Models that feature a new bridge location raised questions for some living in the area. One group just heard of these meetings and was shocked to find their house in the path of a proposed spot.

“Number seven goes directly through my property, half of my property. I don’t know what I would do to be honest,” described one attendee.

Those directly involved with the project have given strong recommendations for models one, three, and four. The public will continue to be able to give input to the bridge’s proposed future and any of the nine can still be chosen.

“These are result of the conversations that happened here. These are not State DOT concepts. These are not something that the consultant had come up with here,” said Bob Rice with NYS DOT.

As funding has yet to be sourced, this is preliminary talk. If a new bridge were constructed, the current bridge may not be in the budget, and thus could not be torn down.