LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Lake George Central School District is seeking a new superintendent; and not for the first time in the last decade. What’s more, the community whose kids come and learn at the school is being asked to lend their own input on what makes the right candidate for the job.

The district put out a survey on Monday. District members can answer questions about what qualities and skills are most important to the superintendent seat, which three different people have filled in the last decade.

The most recent of those was Lynne Rutnik, who stepped down after announcing in August that she was moving to a new deputy superintendent position at Schenectady City Schools. Rutnik spent five years with the Lake George district.

“I feel honored to have been pursued and recognized for my work and commitment to our LG students, faculty and community which led to this new leadership opportunity,” Rutnik said in a statement on the school district website in August. “Those of you who know me well and respect my service here at LGCSD understand that this new leadership opportunity allows me to continue the work that I am deeply committed to around equity, diversity and inclusivity for every student and stakeholder.”

Rutnik faced some degree of backlash in her time at Lake George. In 2018, she removed a vice principal position at Lake George High School, a move met by an article 78 movement to try and reverse the decision.

Other recent superintendents at the school include Mary Cahill, who left after two years; followed by Patrick Dee, who spent six years at the district, and now serves as superintendent in Whitehall. Douglas Huntley currently serves as interim superintendent.

The survey asks for community input on the importance of experience in various education positions, including superintendent, administration and classroom teaching roles; as well as skills in planning, leadership, financial understanding, and work with specific programs such as BOCES. It also asks for opinions in what the most pressing issues will be for the district within the next 5 years, and what candidates should be asked when interviewing for the position.

Everything that comes out of the surveys will be used by Lake George CSD to create a profile of ideal candidates. The survey runs from Nov. 8-19. The district will also hold open forums in December to hear more from the Lake George community.