BERKSHIRE COUNTY, M.A. – Many parts of Rensselaer and Berkshire Counties continue to face the aftermath of recent severe weather.

The temporary road on Edgewood Drive in Lenox, M.A. has been completely washed away by Sunday nights storm flood waters. The contractor along with town officials are diligently working on a solution to this problem for the residents living on the other side.

They are asking residents to avoid this area as large equipment and materials are being brought in.

It was the calm after the storm as crews pick up the pieces in Lenox.

“A severe storm came through and dropped off a lot of rain. It was in a very short period of time,” said Lenox Police Chief Steve O’Brien. 

Chief O’Brien says 8 homes are on Edgewood Drive and the road was a dead end. They currently only have limited ways out, but they luckily do have power and running water. He says emergency services have been working with the residents.

“We are working on trying to make other accesses through the dead end part of the street for them,” said he. 

“A year like this is what makes people not want to continue farming,” said Dale-ila Riggs, Owner of Berry Patch. 

Riggs is the owner of Berry Patch in Stephentown, N.Y. She says she has her own problems when it comes to the influx of rain.

“every time we are open for pick your own blueberries it’s raining so no body is coming so the crop winds up dropping to the ground and we don’t want to see that” Riggs 

Riggs says it has been disheartening to see all her hard work of growing fresh melons inow being destroyed. 

“I haven’t been able to make my way out there, but according to my husband there are probably 20-30 percent of standing water in the melon field. That means those plants will most likely die,” said Riggs.