HUDSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Megan Kitsock loves how excited people get about ice cream. “No matter what’s happening,” she says, “ice cream is going to make your day better.” A good attitude to have if you’ve spent your entire adult life immersed in the dessert- figuratively speaking, of course.

“I started out scooping ice cream every summer in Great Barrington,” she explains. “Eventually, I moved into manufacturing and, my favorite part – product development.” Altogether, Kitsock has spent more than 15 years working in the ice cream industry.

Back in 2021, she decided to take matters into her own hands, bought an ice cream trailer, and launched her own business- Supreme Soft Serve. The hook? Clients who book her services can create their own flavors of soft serve. “The idea is to provide people with whatever flavors they want,” she says. “I like creating unique ice cream and, at a special event, it’s fun for the hosts to say that the flavors I’m serving were created by them.”

With food trucks in high demand, Kitsock saw a need for a soft-serve version. Her services are available for outdoor special events, weddings, fundraisers, corporate events, birthdays, or even smaller family get-togethers. Packages are priced based on the number of people attending. Generally, each includes two unique soft serve flavors plus four to six toppings created to complement those flavors.

“An example would be Cake Batter Ice Cream with peanut butter candy bits, hot fudge, a bourbon sea salt caramel, and crispy cake crumble topping,” she says. More possibilities include Blueberry/Lavender Ice Cream, Mango/Jalapeno Sorbet, and, of course, Black Charcoal Chocolate. “Really, the only limitation is your imagination.” All ingredients are natural, ethically sourced and, when possible, local.

“It’s exciting to work with clients and come up with unique flavors and toppings,” Kitsock adds. “Once an event is scheduled, I chat with the hosts and together we work to develop flavors that are exceptional. It’s a great opportunity to offer their guests something special. Everybody loves ice cream and I want to provide the most delicious bite of soft serve they’ve ever had.”