HUDSON, N.Y. (NEWS10)—At midnight Sunday, the web site to sign up for one of the 25 spots for the Hudson Universal Basic Income pilot program stopped accepting applications. According to Mayor Kamal Johnson, over 700 people applied to the pilot program by the deadline. Each of the 25 selected will receive $500 a week for five years.

“I was apart of the steering committee, and during that committee, we had a lot of the key players,” Mayor Johnson said. “We brought in the commissioner of the Department of Social Services to make sure that these funds don’t affect anyone’s benefits.”

According to Mayor Kamal Johnson the city of Hudson will announce the 25 recipients of $500 a week for the next five years on Friday.

The recipients will be announced on Friday. Onboarding will begin next week. They will be connected to different resources and wrap-around services, and have a bank account set up if needed.

Johnson wants to make sure his citizens are set up to succeed. “People look at this as radical,” Johnson said Monday, “I see it as practical. Taking some financial burdens away from people helps bring some of the money back into our community.”

The mayor said the first checks should be going out the first week of October. He said he wants them to have all the information they will need.