HUDSON, N.Y. (AP) — Numerous tenants who faced eviction after the end of New York’s eviction moratorium in January had their overdue rent paid by an anonymous person who donated $60,000 to a public housing complex in Hudson. The donation was made through a Black-led housing justice group called the Hudson-Catskill Housing Coalition for tenants at the Hudson Housing Authority, the Times Union reported.

“If folks are evicted from (HHA), we know they’re homeless after that—they have no place else to go,” Coalition Senior Policy Advisor Quintin Cross said. The organization posted to Facebook that the residents of the Bliss Towers apartment complex are no longer facing evictions as a result of the donation.

Nick Zachos, the authority’s temporary executive director, said 50 lease-holders would benefit from the donation. It was to cover rent amounts that range from a few hundred to a thousand dollars. Zachos said the coalition requested all of the outstanding rent be paid off instead of holding a selection process.

Cross said he would not reveal the name of the donor, who wishes to remain anonymous.