CLAVERACK, N.Y. (NEWS10)—The Department of Health for Columbia County used the A. B. Shaw firehouse in Claverack Tuesday for their driver up rapid COVID-19 testing. They used it as a dry run for distribution in anticipation of when they get the vaccine. The firehouse has a large vehicle bay, heated flooring, and plenty of room inside. What they don’t have is a large enough parking area.

Director of Health for Columbia County, Jack Mabb, hopes to use the firehouse for vaccinations when the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is made available to county residents.

Count residents came early to get in line for Tuesdays rapid testing at the A. B. Shaw firehouse in Claverack.

“We are discovering a certain problem that may knock this building out for us, and that is when they started vaccinating in England people started to develop anaphylactic shock,” Director Mabb explained Tuesday. “The ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) came out with an order you must keep people on-site for 15 minutes to half an hour.”

The director says there isn’t enough parking for the 50 cars they would need to monitor.

Just up the road off of Route 9H is a fire training facility with plenty of parking.

An alternative site for vaccinating in the spring is the fire training facility off Route 9H.

“On January 5, we are planning on doing another drive-thru swabbing and take a look at that sight,” Director Mabb explained.

Tuesdays training also saw school nurses from across the county coming by and learning about the rapid testing procedures as school districts prepare for in-school COVID-19 testing.

“Last week, we held a clinic in New Lebanon. We invited nurses in because we were sensing anxiety among nurses about testing students,” Mabb said. “Today, we have nurses in watching the process with our nurse, and hopefully, we are addressing their concerns.”

“I wouldn’t say overwhelmed. I’m curious about the process,” said Ichabod Crane High School Nurse Michelle Warner. “Now we have a better sense on how we are going to do it in our school.”

Director Mabb hopes to vaccinate the Doctors, Nurse and EMS workers in his county sometime in January.  He does not expect to see large doses of the vaccine until March or April for the general population.