COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) — After Friday night’s shooting, people who live in this normally quiet area are now upset and frightened. News10 spoke with one resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, and was friends with the victim, who has lived in Cohoes for the last few years- just a few doors down from where the incident happened. She says he was a loving father of two young girls and did not deserve this, and she is surprised this happened so close to home.

Now neighbors like Ronald Baecany are echoing that same feeling of shock. In fact, one resident just found out today about the shooting.

“Yeah, it’s very surprising,” he said. “I live right around the corner. And not only am I surprised that it happened in this neighborhood, I’m surprised it’s not spoken about more.”

Emily McFeters says her father has owned a business down the street from the incident for over 30 years and says there is a sense of fear that was never there before.

“It’s scary… it’s really scary,” she said. “I mean, he fills little kids’ bike tires with air. He’s a part of this little niche, and I can’t believe that it’s happened so close to home.”

Matthew Carrasquillo said he is still shaken up after hearing the shots from his home.

“I was going to sleep, and I heard the shots go off, and it was one of those things where ‘that’s scary-I don’t even wanna know what’s happening outside,” he said.

Now as police continue their investigation into what happened, many hope this incident doesn’t cause others to view the neighborhood negatively.

“I don’t think this is representative of Cohoes,” Emily McFeters said. “I think the people down here are really hard-working and are really good people. And it makes me sad that we lost somebody who is a part of our neighborhood.”