Clinical trial being held for Lyme disease test


DELMAR, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The LymeSeq test could change the way you are tested for Lyme disease. They will be taking people’s blood later this month and they already have 80 participants.

The samples will be collected and brought to SUNY Adirondack Community College.

Tiny ticks, some as small as a poppy seed, can cause serious illness to those they attach to. Your blood is their food and now the Stram Center of Integrative Medicine, in part with Adirondack CC, wants to test your blood to find out if tick born diseases like Lyme disease can be detected in your DNA.

The new test is called LymeSeq.

“People that might have had Lyme, tested positive, or have been treated for Lyme in the past and that just don’t feel well or that feel that they may have Lyme disease, that’s kind of what we’re looking for,” Jennifer Mager NP, of the Stram Center, said.

If that applies to you, you might want to sign up for the clinical study.

Mager says the Western Blot Test currently used is deeply flawed.

“Probably detects less than 50 percent of cases of Lyme disease.”

The LymeSeq test will also detect other infections carried by ticks.

“It also can detect some of the big co-infections that we’re seeing and that can be just as if not more problematic than Lyme.”

In Virginia, doctors must tell patients that get a negative Western Blot result that that doesn’t mean they don’t have Lyme disease.

“We see so many sick people with Lyme disease and a lot of people never have ever had a positive test but have multiple known tick bites in their history.”

New York State Health Department Research Scientist Bryon Backenson says he believes errors are made in regards to when patients receive the test.

“I think often we get a lot of negatives because the test is done a little bit too early, but again, it is sort of what we have so far, and if there’s a better way to test for Lyme disease that gives good consistent results, we’d be all for it,” Backenson said.

Information from the CDC.

The clinical study is being held on July 27 at the Stram Center in Delmar.

Call 518-689-2244 ext.*108 to arrange an appointment.  Appointments are preferred, but a limited number of walk-ins will be accommodated as time allows.

For inquiries, please contact the Stram Center at

Learn more about ticks and tick prevention from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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