ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – When a local college student had his only form of transportation taken by thieves, a group of classmates stepped in, raised some money and saved the day.

Walking to and from class is something Cheyenne Rodgers has had to get used to, ever since his bike was stolen earlier this semester.

“No way! I never asked for a bike,” said Rodgers as he walked up to his friends outside of Mesa Vista Hall.

That was until Wednesday. What Rodgers didn’t know is that his fellow classmates were scheming up a plan for the big surprise.

“I’m literally going to take this inside though in the hall and just keep it in my room where it can never be found,” said Rodgers.

They’re all members of the student group called CAMP. It’s a program designed to help migrant and seasonal farm worker students.

Teachers say often times these students don’t have very much, so buying a new bike was not an option for Rodgers.

That’s when his band of bike heroes secretly stepped in.

“He mentioned that his bike got stolen. I took this information. I was doing study hours with Vicente and said what if we do a GoFundMe page for Rodgers and get him a bike,” said classmate Junior Barrientos.

Their goal was to raise $250. They ended up receiving nearly $300 within just a matter of hours. Many of the donors were students and staff at the University of New Mexico.

“It just feels good to know that people care that much to actually help someone; that so many people were willing to help. I’m just glad he has a bike now,” said classmate Vicente Valdez.

A big gift with an even bigger message. To Rodgers and the rest of the 29 students who belong to CAMP it’s more than just a campus program, it’s a family.

First time in college I was alone but I’m not anymore. And these guys, they can be here no matter what’s your situation,” said Rodgers.

The students who are members of CAMP come from similar backgrounds. The residential program allows each student to be given the same academic, social and financial support to help them complete their first year of college.

For more information on CAMP, click here.