TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Capital Region is invited to head to Troy Monday to celebrate the 231st anniversary of the naming of the city.

It’s known as Enjoy Troy Day, it was first created in 2015 and to celebrate all you need to do is get out to the Collar City and enjoy Troy.

A party was held Sunday afternoon at the local bar, Footsy Magoos in downtown Troy. The party was organized by The Enjoy Troy Co., a group known for creating the holiday unique to the city.

The naming of the city dates back to a cold January 5, 1789 evening where a group of citizens met at a local tavern to name the city after its origin, Troy the city of ancient Greek chronicles.

Below is a story by Troy native Duncan Crary that tells the tale of the naming of the Collar City:

A Small American City

“There is a small American City way up the Hudson River that was not always named Troy.

Before it had this name it had another and another.

Until one night, many years ago, when on the evening of January the Fifth, the people of this place met at a tavern — as they often did and still do today — and decided upon a new name, but yet a very old name from far far away.

And on that eve, and on the evening of every January the Fifth from that day on, anyone living in this place who leaves a shoe outside their door, any old shoe will do, will find it full of most wondrous tchotchkes and coins as they awake the next morning.

These gifts are left by The Forest Folk, who come in many guises and have many names around the world, in places new and old. In this place, now known as Troy, they come down from the hills, followed closely by the crows. And who can forget the crows? Oh so many crows!

So long as the people continue to gather in taverns and agree to the name, this place shall forever be known as TROY and any shoes ‘twas left out the night before will be filled with bounty to enjoy in Troy on January the Sixth.”

Duncan Crary, host of A Small American City podcast