TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Mayor Patrick Madden Wednesday announced the City of Troy has received a $67,500 grant from the Capital District Transportation Committee’s (CDTC) 2021-22 Community and Transportation Linkage Planning Program to plan for the reconfiguration of Federal Street between River Street and 6th Avenue.

“As development expands north from downtown, Federal Street remains a barrier that separates Troy’s walkable downtown from the Hedley District. Study of the possible reconfiguration of Federal Street is an opportunity to correct a car-centric design mistake of the 1970’s when the rebuilding of the Green Island Bridge and Federal Street approach created a void in our urban fabric. Improvement of the Federal Street corridor will play a key role in creating a safer, more walkable community, and we thank the Capital District Transportation Committee for funding this important investigation,” said Mayor Madden.

The main focus of the study will reportedly be to create a transportation corridor that works for pedestrians, not just vehicles as currently designed. The study will look at potential improvements, including introducing on-street parking, creating a boulevard or pedestrian islands, and constructing a roundabout at River Street and Federal Street as proposed in the City’s Local Waterfront Revitalization study.

These connectivity opportunities will reportedly help to support the continuing redevelopment of the area by improving traffic flow while reducing vehicle speeds, increasing pedestrian safety, and supporting greater connectivity to the City’s urban trail network.

The Green Island Bridge Gateway, including the reconfiguration of Federal Street, was reportedly one of four study areas identified in the City’s Comprehensive Plan for potential waterfront access and gateway improvements. Initial concepts were presented during a public meeting at Revolution Hall in downtown Troy in January 2020 for public feedback and recommendations.

More information about CDTC’s Linkage Program can be found online.