TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The city of Troy has money burning a hole in its pocket. Around $45 million to be exact and out of that $45 million, the city is proposing to spend around $13.6 million available through the American Rescue Plan Act to invest directly into its communities.

“Get these monies into the hands of the people. Into our neighborhoods. Whether it be revitalizing our neighborhoods. Revitalizing our parks; our infrastructure,” says city council president Carmella Mantello.

Troy Mayor Patrick Madden says there are a number of programs the city wants to put money into, including childcare. “That’s a lynchpin if you’re trying to get people back to work. They need a place to put their children.” 

City parks are also on the list for revitalization. “We’re looking at the Knickerbacker Park which was closed some years ago. It exceeded its useful life. We’re looking at a new pool facility for that park. We’re looking at investments into other parks as well,” the mayor says.

Other areas the city wants to spend on include one million for education; three million for affordable housing and home improvement programs, which includes tearing down and replacing the Taylor Apartments which line the Hudson River. Another one million could also go towards either replacing or repairing the Lansingburgh fire house.

“If you’ve ever seen our fifth avenue fire house, it is desperately, desperately in need of not just renovation but relocation,” council president Mantello says.

Two weeks ago, Governor Kathy Hochul announced Troy will receive $10 million dollars as the winner of the state’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative. Mayor Madden says those funds will be put to use solely in the city’s Riverwalk District while the ARPA funds will help benefit surrounding neighborhoods.