GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Crews from the Gloversville Water Works have been on scene on Kingsboro Avenue since early Tuesday morning after a significant water main break to a transmission line that feeds directly into the city. The break has led to the entire city being placed under a boil water advisory.

“This line is literally the line that feeds the entire city of Gloversville,” said Anthony Mendetta, Gloversville’s water superintendent.

Mendetta says it’s still unclear what caused the break below Kingsboro Avenue near the intersection of East Eleventh Avenue.

“Things like this can happen. A lot of this infrastructure here is early 1900s stuff. But this kinda is worst case scenario for anybody and any water department.”

A company from out of state will help crews with repairs Tuesday evening, but there’s no set timeline for when the repairs will be complete.

“Best case scenario we have this wrapped up some time later tonight, worst case scenario, might lead into tomorrow morning,” Mendetta said.

Some in the city are without water, while others have limited pressure. Those who still have running water are being asked to boil and conserve it.

“If you’re going to consume the water, that you let the water boil, it’s a rolling boil, for one minute and then let it cool down before you consume it,” the water superintendent explained.

The main break and subsequent boil water advisory also led to the Gloversville Enlarged School District closing school Tuesday.

One local business says they’re concerned they’ll have to close their doors Wednesday if they lose water, “It’d probably be about $1,200 day shot to hell. $1,000 down the drain,” said Richard Sena, the general manager of the Gloversville Palace Diner.

Even after the repairs are complete, the boil water will remain in effect for at least two days, until tests of the water are clear of pathogens on consecutive days. Residents in need of water can get some in bulk at the Gloversville Water Works office at 67-73 Main Street.