ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The City of Albany’s Pre-Application portal utilized to award $25 million for transformative, highly-impactful investments of American Rescue Plan Funds (ARP) received by the City of Albany is open for submissions. The first pre-applications will not be reviewed until at least March 1, 2022, which will give applicants more time to prepare their proposals.

A webinar for the pre-application portal is now available to assist potential applicants in the pre-application process and answer any questions. Applicants may also direct questions by email at

According to officials, pre-Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning March 1, 2022. They say after a thorough review for compliance and impact, pre-applicants will receive feedback and then if selected, be required to submit a full application. 

The purpose of this process is to ensure the city of Albany complies with the rules and regulations of the ARP, passed March 11, 2021. Applications will be evaluated by a team of local leaders, including members of the City’s ARPA Leadership Team.

Based on the input provided to the City of Albany COVID Recovery Task Force, $25 million will be available for funding under the ARP, including:

  • Supporting the Public Health Response – $4 million
  • Education/Workforce/Human Services – $7 million
  • Housing/Transportation/Community Revitalization – $8 million
  • Small Business Support – $3 million
  • Recovery of the Tourism, Travel, Arts and Hospitality – $3 million

Mayor Kathy Sheehan also issued a call for volunteers to help grade and interview applicants. Anyone interested in applying should visit the AlbanyForAll website to sign up.