SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) –  Primary elections for many municipal offices are happening on June 27. One of the races is for Saratoga Springs mayor. Democrat Chris Mathiesen is challenging the incumbent mayor Ron Kim in the Democratic primary.

Mathiesen is no stranger to Saratoga Springs City Hall. He served as the public safety commissioner for three terms, (2012-2017). But he recently retired from his dental practice and decided to run for office again.

The democrat says he has always been a supporter of Ron Kim but now questions some decisions he has made while the mayor and his leadership. Mathiesen points to disruptions during city council meetings.

“Things have gotten out of control,” said Mathiesen. He adds, “Mayor Kim has allowed things to get so out of control that people feel unsafe at a city council meeting.”

Mathiesen sat down with News10 to discuss the issues facing the city ahead of the Tuesday, June 27 primary.