LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The words “cheats, cons and scams” may sound like trouble, but in the world of magic, that’s what it’s all about.

“Cheats, Cons & Scams” is the name of a new show coming to the Capital Region, featuring world class acts, and giving you a look into the art of illusion.

The show will be held at Dino’s Photography in Latham, and run Friday through Sunday.

“Cheats, Cons & Scams” specializes in the art of “prestidigitation”, more commonly known as sleight of hand.

The two men behind the show are world renowned magicians Jason Ladayne and Sean, also known as “The Prankster Magician”.

Sean is the opening act and the host of the show and performs along with the Ladayne, the headliner.

Ladayne has been performing card magic since he was seven, first inspired by the artistry of David Copperfield.

Today he makes his living manipulating a deck of cards on the same stages as famous magicians like David Blaine.

Reviewers online describe Ladayne as “sorcerous” and “a true technician of his craft and a great performer.”

News10 ABC’s Jimmy Marlow was lucky enough to meet up Sean and Jason to see some magic up-close. Check out the video above to see the “sorcerers” in action.