WEST FULTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Brian Goodrich had been arrested on the additional charges of second-degree criminal mischief, a felony, and possession of a large capacity ammo feeding device, a misdemeanor. He was charged after it was determined that a third property was struck by gunfire during the original incident.

“I’m frightened all the time. I don’t want to live in fear,” says a worker of the farm shop that was shot at, who chose not to be identified out of fear of retaliation. That worker says they believe the shop was targeted and are unsure why. Part of what is bringing fear down on the small hamlet of West Fulton are the bullet holes that now scar the fire house and farm shop on West Fulton Road.

While Goodrich was arrested shortly after the incident on March 20, he was released on his own recognizance without bail, which is why some in the community are increasingly concerned for their safety. The shop worker was advised not to reveal their identity over safety concerns, but still wanted to speak with NEWS10 about what happened.

At the shop, three out of four freezers were damaged beyond repair. The worker NEWS10 spoke with said the cost of damages may be well over $20,000. “Three bullets that came through our honor store came through our big merchandiser freezers,” they said. “One domestic refrigerator that we use to hold eggs and one 24-foot chest freezer—and it went in all of them and went out the other side.” 

Goodrich is accused of shooting a gun from his vehicle on West Fulton Road and striking a private pool at a residence and the West Fulton Firehouse on March 20. No injuries were reported from the incident.

Goodrich is due back in court on April 6, 2022.