AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – ‘Trimmings On 10’ is next week here at NEWS10! If you’re looking for the perfect dish to impress your guests during the holiday season, charcuterie is an Instagram-worthy dish that promises to deliver!

NEWS10’s Cassie Hudson and Meteorologist Jill Szwed teamed up to learn all things charcuterie from an expert. Amsterdam resident Brie Iannotti is the owner of The CharcuteBrie, a small business that creates custom cheese boards that appeal to both the eyes and taste buds.

“Charcuterie is a delicious little snack that can be a full on meal if you want it to,” says Iannotti.

Charcuterie 101
NEWS10’s Cassie Hudson and Meteorologist Jill Szwed creates the custom cheese board pictured above.

In September, Brie put her skills to the test by helping assemble the world’s longest charcuterie board. The event was held by the group ‘315 Foodies’ in Little Falls, N.Y. Together, the group help set the new Guinness World Record when they built a charcuterie board spanning 315-feet-long.

If creating a charcuterie board seems daunting, don’t take it too seriously.

Brie says, “Don’t have anything in mind, just look at your plate and just have fun and just figure out what you want to do to make it look pretty.”

When beginning a board, she likes to start with 3 different types of cheeses and 3 different types of meat. Fruit, veggies, olives or pickles, crackers and nut mix are good additions to follow. She likes to end a board with a sweet touch on top!

When asked what ‘can and can’t go’ on a board, she said the sky is the limit. Adding the goal is to try to cover the entire real estate of the board. She also likes to balance color and shapes, resulting in her aesthetically-pleasing creations.

If you want to order one of The CharcuteBrie’s custom cheese boards this holiday season, you can email Brie at or visit her Facebook!