ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) —  One Albany entrepreneur is on a mission to help others achieve greatness. He wrote his first book to change the world one page at a time.

“SWAG; It stands for succeeding with attainable goals,” Angelo Maddox, Owner of Fresh and Fly Clothing. “We don’t create SWAG, we enhance it. And our job is to enhance every customer that comes through the door.”

Angelo has taken his inspirational message of success far past his brick-and-mortar clothing store on South Pearl Street. He created the S.W.A.G.—Success With Attainable Goals—Program in 2015. He teaches youth and adults an entrepreneurial skillset, everything from marketing and branding to soft skills.

To take his mission one step further, Maddox wrote a corresponding book to his methods called “Change the World by Changing Yourself.”

Maddox said he pulled from his life experience to write it. He grew up in Brooklyn and overcame being incarcerated in the 1990s. Maddox put himself through Hudson Valley Community College and graduated from the University of Albany as a proud Great Dane.

“Their whole mantra is being great, you know, Great Danes. That is something I hold true to,” Maddox said. “I don’t want to be good; I want to be great in all I do.”

Maddox started selling incense and clothing at school. Over the past 16 years, his business has evolved into the “Official Swag Headquarters” of Albany on 13 South Pearl Street.

On July 1, Angelo had a book signing party at his boutique. He was blown away by how many community members showed up to support his new endeavor, buying his book in person and on amazon. 

“The biggest asset that they ever need or have in their life is already within themselves,” Maddox said. “If they tap into that and utilize it, they can actually start to change the world one family at a time, one person at a time, one community at a time.”

Maddox said he has plans for another S.W.A.G Program session in the near future that will be open to adults and teens eager to be “great.”