CATSKILL, N.Y. (NEWS10)—The Barstool Fund was set up by Dave Portnoy, owner of Barstool Sports, and announced on Twitter on December 17. On Tuesday, December 29, the fund had raised $9 million toward helping out struggling small businesses.

One such business is La Conca D’oro, in Catskill, N.Y. Owner Cheryl Bergendorff has struggled to keep the restaurant she has owned for the last 24 years open and her employees paid since the start of the pandemic.

Cheryl Bergendorff never owned a computer until the pandemic, now she uses it for online ordering and reservations.

“We heard we were going to shut down, and the very next day, the town Mayor Vinny Seeley showed up with a computer,” Bergendorff said. “He said I made you a website, and you’re going to go online.”

Bergendorff had never done anything online with her business, and she didn’t even own a computer. That was the start for the longtime owner trying to keep her restaurant going.

With cold weather and snow La Conca D’oro shut down outdoor dining.

When summer came and outdoor dining opened up, Bergendorff only had space for seven tables. Takeout and delivery became the new normal at La Conca D’oro.

“So, it wasn’t enough. I mean, right now, I’m at 50%. I took out 50% of my tables just so everybody feels safe. So they don’t see tables close together,” explained Bergendorff. “Literally, this room would be packed with double the tables, and the back room and the bar would be packed. Now some nights, there are just two tables.”

Karlee Beregendorff, Cheryl’s daughter, heard about the Barstool Fund and wrote a letter about her mom and La Conca D’oro.

“On Christmas morning, they wanted us to make a video, and they told us we had 24-hours to make a video, and they would consider it,” Beregendorff said. “So we just made a video. I was a mess crying cause it was so hard to talk about.”

The next morning Bergendorff got a facetime call.

“My daughter said pick it up,” the restaurant owner said. “It was Dave, and in less than 24 hours after making the video, he came and saved my world and all my employees.”