ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — People directly impacted by the nursing home guidelines of the Cuomo administration are speaking out following the reported DOJ and FBI probe into the governor’s handling of nursing home residents during the pandemic.

“I’ve had a lot of people that I know pass away. There’s a lot [of people] that we don’t know are dead or alive because we can’t go from wing to wing,” said nursing home resident Janet Siebrecht.

After hearing Governor Cuomo say “Whether a person died in a hospital or in a nursing home, the people died,” while commenting on possible misrepresentation of nursing home data, Siebrecht believes the governor should apologize.

“I don’t think I’ve heard anything from a politician or any one in power as cold and as heartless as that,” Siebrecht said.

Finding an accurate number of how many nursing home residents actually died is something important for both Siebrecht and Marcella Goheen.

“We knew there were more that perished. What we didn’t understand was why the numbers were coming out lower,” Goheen said.

Goheem launched which has connected families across the state of New York in the efforts to visit their loved ones.

“It’s important for clarity. It’s important for what exactly happened and what kinds of decisions were made so that if it happens again, we can make better decisions,” Goheen said.

Goheen has sued to visit her husband.

Nurses protesting outside a nursing home in Schenectady against for-profit nursing homes hope the investigation yields change from previous issues.

“It got worse. It was worse from before and it’s gotten even more worse, so I wouldn’t say [the issues created in nursing home are because] of the pandemic,” one person at the rally said.