ALTAMONT, N.Y. (WTEN) — The Helping Our Vets Car Show was held during the Capital Apple and Wine Festival and aimed toward raising money to help veterans in need. Something that Mary Kaye says she felt wonderful to do.

“All of my family members are veterans,” she said. “So I’m proud to be a part of it today.”

Richard DiDonna says that was the main reason why he decided to attend.

“I go to all of the fundraisers, and I enjoy doing that,” he said. “And I like people to see the cars because it’s very rare. They never get a chance to see it.”

Bill Flavin is one of the volunteers for the car show, and he said the event also helps to bring people together.

“It’s great; we get to see a lot of the beautiful cars and a lot of friends I see throughout the years,” he said. “So it’s fun too.”

This year’s event is donating proceeds to the Veterans Community Housing Coalition. The organization has been helping veterans in need of housing for 40 years. Michelle Viola Straight, Executive Director of the organization, said they are currently building new veteran housing for mothers in need of a home for themselves and their families.

“Living in their cars, living on couches, in unsafe situations with their children,” she said. “We’ll give them the key to their home, and then we can start them on their journey back into independence.”

She also says that being a part of community events like the car show has been essential for the organization.

“If we didn’t have the community, we can not do what we do. So these men and women fought for our country, sacrificed all their freedoms for us for ours,” she said. “The least we can do is give them support, a home, a bed, and a hot meal when they come home.”