MECHANICVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Just a few hours before people in Florida were hit by the storm, KPM Restoration prepared to hit the road with a vehicles full of supplies, ready to go straight into the areas hit hardest by Ian.

Owner James Kennedy and his team are prepared to spend a couple months down there if they need to, and with the help of other agencies, assist residents and commercial buildings that will sustain damage from Ian’s impact.

“I’m going to have tractor trailers dropped off at each location that we’re going to, with about 700 pieces of equipment,” Kennedy explained ahead of the team’s departure.

Kennedy said KPM’s biggest and most recent cleanup endeavor out of state was the aftermath of the historic flash flooding in St. Louis, Missouri this July. He knows when the crew arrives to Florida, they won’t have to seek out people who need them.

“They’re going to come right up to us, and they’re going to say, ‘Hey, my whole community needs help,’ and then you get the whole community, you get in contact with their insurance companies, and you work with them,” Kennedy explained, “and then you have three to five guys per house, and go from there. Our goal is to get them done in three to four, or five days.“

The crew plans on heading first to Tallahassee to decide how they’ll divide up their crews between various areas like Orlando, Tampa, and the Keys.