With heavy rain and flooding expected tonight the city of Albany Water Department out earlier to clean storm drains and reminding people to make sure they’re free of leaves and debris. News10 spoke with a local woman who is prepared in case flooding returns to her home.

“You can clean the gutters you can clean the storm drains and they’ve been water Department’s been really good about cleaning the inside. But, if there’s a big enough deluge all bets are off,” says Homeowner Catina Mavodones

Mavodones who lives in Albany telling NEWS 10 this is not her first time dealing with flooding.

“2007 it was a yearly issue and until the DEC came in and put in the catch basins on the upper part of the street it was happening frequently. we’d hold their breath every time it stormed,” says the homeowner.

Her home has suffered damage from flooding and sewer back up.

“We don’t have a usable basement anymore we’ve gone through four dryers, and we have everything up on concrete blocks”

And what is the cause? This homeowner thinks it was poor planning.

“I think the overdevelopment without consideration for the amount of water that combined sewer and storm can have,” said Mavodoves.

Joe Coffey from the City Water Department telling NEWS 10 that leaves clogging drains is a concern every fall. Next month will get worse, he says, as the amount of leaves on the ground will be much more significant. As for Mavodones, if it comes to more flooding.

“Hopefully not I always hold my breath I know it’s a peril living where I do,” says Mavodones.