CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) – County and City officials along with community-based organizations met with the CEO of DocGo, the company contracted by NYC to care for the asylum seekers and News10 has the latest on how that meeting went.

NEWS10 was able to catch up with Daniel Butterworth executive director at RISSE who tells me yesterday’s meeting with DocGo was all about questioning the company on where that half a billion dollars is being spent.

“One of which was to discuss some of the shortfalls that we’ve experienced and discussed how we can remedy that with DocGo and New York City, going forward,” said Butterworth.

NEWS10 has been covering those shortfalls, which according to organizations that work with the asylees who were bussed area motels surround proper nutrition, medical care, transportation and the education of school aged kids.

One solution brought up by DocGo during Monday’s meeting is the possibility of subcontracting with local community-based organizations like RISSE, says Butterworth.

“So, we have the expertise, we have the experience. To handle this but it just requires communication collaboration and cooperation,” said Butterworth.

Butterworth says he’s heard that some area orgs that have been filling in the gaps when it comes to Capital Region asylee needs have contacted the New York State Attorney General’s office.

“I heard that there were complaints made to the Attorney General, but I do not what those complaints were,” said Butterworth.

“You know, everything is perfect from New York City up to the hotel, everything is perfect,” said Surakah Abubakar, asylee from South America.

Abubakar says so far he’s been treated well with food to eat and a safe place stay. Originally from Africa he made his way from South America and over the Mexico border in May.

“it’s not and people are dying in the bush there you can walk see people dying in the floor in the river it’s difficult,” said Abubakar. He says all he wants is a job so he can support his four children back home.

As for Butterworth, he’s hoping for a more positive working relationship with DocGo, moving forward.

“I’m hopeful that happens. I think they have more work to do to prove that they’re serious about working with us and hopefully that’s true,” said Butterworth.