ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)-The Department of Health (DOH) announced that it had released new data on reinfection rates in New York on Wednesday. They had been releasing breakthrough information, tracking the continued effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines for some time.

The new information pertaining to reinfections includes the total number of first infections and reinfections in all 10 regions. Using this information NEWS10 was able to calculate the reinfection rate for each region.

The North Country came in first for the lowest reinfection rate at 1.69%. The Capital Region came in second with a rate of 2.35%, and the Finger Lakes Region came in third place with a rate of 2.63%. All three regions, as well as four others, had a reinfection rate lower than the state’s rate of 3.73%.

The Long Island, New York City, and Mid-Hudson regions had the highest reinfection rates that were also above the statewide rate, 4.29%, 4.04%, and 4% respectively. Look at total infection, reinfections, and reinfection rates in the table below:

RegionTotal infectionsTotal reinfectionsReinfection rate
Capital Region186,5784,3932.35%
Central New York149,3984,2372.84%
Finger Lakes215,6615,6822.63%
Long Island775,45133,2884.29%
Mid-Hudson 540,04521,5824%
Mohawk Valley92,7432,4612.65%
New York City2,132,59786,0984.04%
North Country66,4651,1211.69%
Southern Tier118,2043,3672.85%
Western New York273,4747,5352.76%
Source: DOH

Reinfection information is part of a larger study on the effectiveness of vaccines. The DOH said it underscores the importance of getting vaccinated and getting booster shots, as well as taking other precautions to prevent the spread of COVID.

“Although the epidemiology of this virus may continue to change as new variants emerge, vaccination remains the safest way to prevent infection, hospitalization, and death,” said study co-author and Acting State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett“We continue to urge every eligible New Yorker to get vaccinated and boosted, wear a mask, and take every step possible to protect yourselves and your loved ones.”

From Dec. 20 to Jan. 17 the percentage of breakthrough cases in vaccinated New Yorkers grew from 2.09% to 7.7%, based on DOH data. 71.1% of the state population has been fully vaccinated against COVID, and 81.4% of the state’s 18+ population has been fully vaccinated.