(NEWS10) Some may think bad luck when they see a black cat, but these dark creatures of the night are not creepy. In fact, the bad luck is just an old superstition.

Black cats are just as loving and affectionate as any other kitty which is why National Black Cat day is celebrated on October 27, a few days ahead of Halloween.

We asked our viewers to send us images of their kittens in celebration, to submit yours just send an email to news@news10.com

Linda Lounsbury sends in her image of her furry friend Rascal.
Debbie Ewen sent in her playful pals, Cleo and Smoke
Dawn Stuart sent in her small feline Esmeralda from Amsterdam
Little Sylvester loves to workout- we love a fit cat
Gabrielle sent in this photo of Mona. She’s 6.5 years old and is a beautiful huntress and protector of the land