ALBANY, N.Y (NEWS10)- Easter Sunday brings the Capital City Rescue Mission’s Annual Easter lunch. The organization usually serves one thousand plates and bag lunches for community members in need. But this week, the organization has been busy prepping to serve 2,000 members of the community.

Chief of Staff David Poach says it’s always fun yet still challenging.

“But every holiday, we have tons of volunteers who come out, who help us prepare and serve and make this day happen,” Poach said.

Executive Chef Max Ansong says that volunteers have been shopping and prepping hundreds of pounds of food for the easter meal since Wednesday.

“For all of the food that we are going to cook, we have to prep up. And we did with great volunteers that came.”

Chris Jones volunteers in the kitchen and says he enjoys donating his time and skills to a big cause.

“I think in my life, I always liked helping people,” he said. “I do the same outside, with the church and the firehouse. And I’ve always been one to jump in and help people out.”

And it’s people like Jeffrey Williams who appreciate everything the organization has been doing.

“The mission provides services for all the people in Albany,” Williams said. “To help them with their religious background. They come here to eat. They serve God and do what they have to do…and it’s a very nice thing.”

Perry Jones is the Pastor and Executive Director of the organization. He is proud to know that all the supplies and food were either gifted or donated to the organization. He also loves it when shelter residents can get back on their feet…and then return as a volunteer. But he says this community event would not be possible without the many volunteers who donate their time.

“I’m always thrilled with transformation, and out of 60-some staff…almost half of them came through these programs, and now are some of my choice staff,” he said. “I’m just thrilled with God’s work.”

After the event, the organization will continue to offer transition shelter and assistance 24/7. They also want to connect those in need with clothing, free medical services, and, eventually, a place to call home.