AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As the cannabis industry continues to be plagued with a slower rollout than expected, NEWS10 visited a capital region shop still on hold to find out how the latest New York Supreme Court ruling is keeping them from opening.

The owners of Amsterdam Cannabis say they have met all the requirements needed by the state to open an adult use recreational marijuana dispensary in Montgomery County. “We have been ready for about three months to open,” said Chief Executive Officer Tommy Marcellino.

Tony Marcellino, Chief Operating Officer, told NEWS10 about the process that has taken longer than he expected.  “We were awarded a license in April. And then started our build out and you know, everything, coordinating everything. And have been done with that since the beginning of August.”

And that’s when a New York Supreme Court put a stop to the process. it was part of a lawsuit filed by a group of veterans over how licenses were being approved.  “So, it’s kind of been back and forth with highs and lows trying to figure out what’s next for us. We have our life savings invested in this. You know, we’ve done everything the state has asked,” said Tony Marcellino.

They showed us their setup from top to bottom. The point of sale and security systems along with secured display cases. The brothers say this has not only drained their savings, but the pause had an effect on the local job force as well. The Marcellinos said it is keeping them from getting their staff up and running. “We’ve brought staff in to do trainings. People have quit their jobs. We’ve both quit our jobs,” said Marcellino.

 The Office of Cannabis Management says that because of the court ruling the decision process is no longer in their control.  That decision now goes to a State Supreme Court Judge.

“The folks that have gone so far, are the ones that the judge has approved to go,” said Chief Equity Officer, Damian Fagon.

But hope is not lost. OCM says they are doing all it can to get these shops up and running.

“We are working very hard on their behalf to ensure all of them can eventually open. So, Amsterdam Cannabis is next up on the list. They’re actually in a better position than some of our other folks to open in the next month.”

NEWS10 has reached out to the Judge and are awaiting his response.