SCHOHARIE COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — New York is now one step closer to selling recreational marijuana after state regulators approved the final rules and the application for retail dispensaries. Distributing dispensary licenses is part of the state’s seeding opportunity initiative allowing equity-entrepreneurs to be the first to make adult-use cannabis sales.

On Friday, cannabis regulators continued their farm tour across New York– to see the first legal crops growing in all different regions. Members of the Office of Cannabis Management say this is to advance the seeding opportunity initiative– and to see the first adult-use cannabis crop in New York State. They stopped at a small family farm in Schoharie County, highlighting the progress of New York`s farmers as they cultivate the first crop for the first adult-use sales through the seeding opportunity initiative.

“One of the best things about regulation is the testing capacity they put into ensure that products being grown here don’t have harmful pesticides that are going to contaminate the consumer body,” said Chris Alexander, OCM Executive Director. “They’re growing this in an incredible sustainable way but two, once this product is ready to be harvested it will then be tested to standards that are top of the nation so in terms to make sure they are quality products going out to consumers.”

There are over 220 licensed cannabis farms across the state. The marijuana being grown is intended to stock the shelves of the state’s first licensed dispensaries opening later this year.