NEW YORK (WROC) — Drivers zipping by stopped school buses are a clear danger to students on board.

A new state law allows school districts to put cameras on stop arms. However, there’s a catch. Districts have to ask municipalities to pay for the cameras, but those cities, towns and villages aren’t required to foot the bill.

Some school districts estimate it would cost around $2,000 per school bus to outfit the new cameras.

Senator Joe Griffo said passing the bill was a victory, but the state still has a ways to go.

“The vote we were facing was whether or not we agree that this is a problem and that we should do something about it, and I think there’s a consensus there- almost unanimity as to ‘let’s do something about it’,” said Griffo. “It’s then the construct, how is it put together in order to achieve what we want to? And in this case, it’s cumbersome, it’s confusing and there’s cost associated with it that nobody wants to bear.”

He said he believes the legislature may soon revisit this issue.