ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)–It was a gubernatorial race closer than what was originally expected. While it was ultimately a victory for Democrat Kathy Hochul, her Republican opponent won a majority of the counties in the state and republicans flipped four Democratic Congressional seats. Now, there are calls for New York Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs to resign.

During her press conference in Buffalo, Governor Kathy Hochul was asked if she still supported NY Democratic Party Chair, Jay Jacobs. Her response was yes, but says more work needs to be done.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for us to rebuild,” said Hochul. “Again, I’ve been governor just over a year now, but now it’s a chance to step back and make sure the NYS Democratic Party is the powerhouse that it should be. This is New York.”

Hochul said it’s her job to unify people of different viewpoints who are under the Democratic umbrella.

While there are calls for a new leader of the state’s Democratic Party, its the state’s Republican Party that will be getting a new chairman.

Current chair, Nick Langworthy, has been elected to serve in Congress. He spoke with me about what comes next.

“My term of office actually goes until next September,” explained Langworthy.” We will work and put a diligent transition in place at some point early in the year, we will have a transition and the party will elect new leadership.”

Langworthy said at this point, there is not a definite date as to when a transition will happen.

“The party isn’t about one particular person, it’s about the collective body— The activist, the donors, the supporters, the donors, the elected officials. I feel that we are in a better spot than we were when I took over. I am extremely proud of what Lee Zeldin has accomplished as our gubernatorial nominee.  While we don’t get the ultimate prize we were looking for, his performance was stellar.

Langworthy credits Zeldin for helping 11 New York Republicans get elected to Congress, calling it the largest delegation in decades.

News 10 reached out to Jacobs was told he was unavailable and his team declined to comment on the calls for him to resign.