BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) —  A student paper is creating controversy. The paper’s headline on Wednesday morning read, “Make Amerikkka Great Again.” The 3-Ks appear to represent the white supremacist group, the KKK.

The KKK reference was in Buffalo State’s student run newspaper — “The Record”.

News 4 tried reaching out to the student that run the newspaper, but they declined to talk about it.

Evan Kennedy, a Buffalo State student, said,”I really don’t throw myself out into politics like that .. I really don’t talk about it, this isnt the first time the school newspaper said something controversial.” He added, “I expected them to have them say something about the election, just not something one-way driven.”

Another Buffalo State student reacted to the headline, Justyn Horne said, “It makes me feel like how I’ve been feeling for a while, I feel like that piece of paper, what it said on that is true.”

Derek Jorden, a graduate assistant and former student government president, said, “The one thing I love about the record is they really exercise their freedom of speech. They love to be creative and talented so that’s what they do, they use their freedom of speech.”

During his time as student government president, Jorden had oversight of “The Record”. Jorden says this isn’t the first time the newspaper had an attention grabbing front-page.Statement from Katherine Conway-Turner, Buffalo State President:

Emotions are running high across our country, communities, and college campuses today. As we come off a deeply divisive presidential campaign cycle, I encourage all members of our community to be supportive and understanding of one another. Here at Buffalo State, one of the college’s core values is respect for diversity and individual differences. We must continue to keep these values in mind in the days ahead.

We also recognize that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution affords all citizens the right to free speech and protects the freedom of the press, including the content and opinions produced and published by student newspapers. I encourage anyone who wishes to comment on Wednesday’s headline in the Record, Buffalo State’s independent student newspaper, to civilly express his or her right to free speech by sending an e-mail to the editors at bscrecord@gmail.com.”