BROADALBIN, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Students at Broadalbin-Perth Central School District will soon see new faces patrolling the hallways.

Nicole Buckley and Kyle Harris are the newest members of the school district and the district’s first school resource officers.

Superintendent Stephen Tomlinson said added security has never been more important following mass shootings across the country; citing a specific increased threat to schools.

“We will do absolutely everything that we can to ensure we are going to keep our students, staff and visitors safe in our buildings and part of that effort is addressing mental health in our students and visitors in our buildings,” Tomlinson said.

Buckley and Harris have law enforcement experience and are active sheriff’s deputies. They also received additional training for mental health crisis management and school safety protocols.

School resource officers will be armed and have access to all sheriff’s office records to keep tabs on any potential issues.

“We can get to them quickly and bring them in before school and have them talk to the right people and get them through the day,” Kyle Harris, School Resource Officer, said. “Those are important things, to know what’s going through their mind before you take law enforcement action.” 

Training was designed to prevent disaster scenarios like the police response in Uvalde, T.X. If a threat does occur, school resource officers will be the first to respond with a chain of communication set up with outside agencies to work quickly.

The district has a system that can begin a lockdown in under 30 seconds in the case of an active threat, eliminating some barriers caused by the time it takes for law enforcement to arrive at the school.

“We do have the ability internally to lock our building down within 10 to 15 seconds,” Tomlinson said. “We do have those resources. Unfortunately, we are a rural school district so it does take time for our emergency personnel to get here, law enforcement, but that is one of the reasons that we are so proud to have Kyle and Nicole on board.” 

The district will be continuously training and reevaluating their safety protocols throughout the academic year.