ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- Friday, Saratoga County reported more COVID-19 cases in vaccinated residents than in non-vaccinated residents. Statewide breakthrough cases have been reported in 1.1% of vaccinated individuals over the age of 12, based on COVID-19 Breakthrough Data.

There were 137,380 breakthrough cases reported as of November 8. The state’s COVID-19 information sites do not include the number vaccinated by day but NEWS10 has been tracking vaccinations in the Capital Region.

On November 4, there were 13,050,936 fully vaccinated residents over the age of 12, then on November 9, there were 13,076,032.

Of the 137,380 breakthrough cases, 9,044, or .07% of fully vaccinated over 12, have resulted in hospitalization as of November 8. It’s the same percentage of hospitalizations reported among Saratoga County breakthrough cases on Friday.

The number of breakthrough cases has more than doubled since early fall. On September 20, the Department of Health (DOH) reported 66,217 breakthrough cases, equaling .6% of vaccinated New Yorkers aged 12 or older.

In August the DOH published a report on vaccine effectiveness. The report showed vaccine efficacy decreased over time while retaining enough effectiveness to keep people from having to be hospitalized.

The last information on breakthrough cases in terms of vaccine effectiveness and vaccines’ ability to keep people out of the hospital was October 18. On May 3, vaccines were estimated to be 91.8% effective at preventing COVID and 94.4% effective at preventing hospitalization. October 18, they were estimated to be 79% effective at preventing infection while staying 95.1% effective at preventing hospitalization.

NEWS10 reached out to the DOH asking if they were still tracking vaccine effectiveness and whether data would be available beyond October 18. They said they are still monitoring vaccine effectiveness but there is a lag in the information available because they have to analyze the data.

NEWS10 has been looking into breakthrough cases and how they are being reported by counties to the state. At the end of October NEWS10 discovered there was confusion among some Capital Region counties about whether they are supposed to report breakthrough cases by vaccine type.

Some counties like Albany, Saratoga, Warren, and Washington have been regularly reporting breakthrough cases by vaccine type. The DOH deflected the question of whether counties were required to submit breakthrough case information by vaccine type more than once.