ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The November general election is just days away and News10 is speaking with the candidates for Congress and the state legislature.

Republican Brandon Gaylord is trying to win the seat in the Assembly’s 106th district. That seat is currently being taken by democrat Didi Barrett.

Gaylord said two priorities for him are changing the new overtime rule for farm workers and helping small businesses in his district.

He wants to help small businesses by lessening the tax burden and keeping young people from leaving the state. Gaylord claims SUNY has had a tough time getting people to stay in New York after graduating.

“We need to make it so that we have a plethora of workers instead of what we’re facing now,” said Gaylord. He adds, “I know people who work in the trades who say they’re hiring at $30 to $40 per hour and they get nobody to respond to their ads and that kills businesses.”

Gaylord sat down with News10 to discuss the issues facing the 106th district.