FULTON CO, N.Y. (News10)-Mother Nature delivered a frightening and devastating blow upon a Fulton County residence this weekend when a bolt of lighting sparked a fire.

Igor Lensky captured the intensity of the flames on his cellphone. He grabbed the images and videos as he and his wife were driving from their camp to his Johnstown car dealership. He says the fire sparked moments after what sounded like a thunder boom. “And then while we were driving, say two minutes later on the left-hand side is this house in flames,” he said.

Steven Santa Maria, Emergency Management Director and Fire Coordinator for Fulton County says the cause of the fire was determined to be a lightning strike. Several fire companies responded to the home on State Highway 29A west of Gloversville around 4:20pm Sunday. “The homeowner was home, heard a tremendous explosion and witnessed the electrical meter box blown out at the side of the house and a fire in that area,” said Santa Maria. News10’s Anya Tucker spoke with the 80 year old homeowner’s grand-daughter who told her that she escaped the flames thanks to some neighbors, however everything she owned was destroyed in the fire.

Santa Maria says lightening strikes on homes are rare but do happen. He says there are ways you can protect your residence. “The most important thing is to make sure that your house electrical services are grounded correctly. And that everything has surge protectors to try to protect some of the equipment in your house should you ever have a lightning strike or a lightning strike hit close,” he added.