COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) -Thursday night left residents of Colonie hesitant to use their water. Colonie Town Supervisor, Peter Crummey, says the water superintendent put the advisory in effect as a precaution for health.

Thursday, National Grid was doing planned work to high voltage lines in the area of the Mohawk View Water Treatment Plant, which Crummey says may have caused pressure surges. The pressure relief valve inside the plant was opened and failed to close, flooding the basement of the building. After pumping the water out, testing began.

“There is absolutely no evidence that any contaminated water was put into this system. Working very hard to make sure that we’re back online. They’re doing a fabulous job and we should be online well before dawn,” said Crummey.

Dawn came Friday and the water advisory was not lifted. Crummey says water tests have come back with no contaminants, but tests have to stay in the green until Sunday morning for the advisory to end. To be safe, 65 cases of water were given out at Colonie Town Hall. The supervisor’s office says that water was given out to residents in only 12 minutes, leaving some residents frustrated. 

“Do the right thing. Just do the right thing and keep the residents happy. If you’re not prepared hopefully this is a lesson for next time,” stated a resident of Colonie.

Local restaurants in Latham, like the Tipsy Moose, closed early Thursday due to the advisory. Chi Lau with Ala Shanghai says he has seen an improvement in water quality after having to close an hour early. Even though the water looks to be safe, Ala Shanghai is following the boil water advisory.

“This morning the water has come back and it’s like normal. Even the color is back to normal too. We just want to make sure everything is safe so that’s why we keep the water boiling before we use it,” explained Lau.

Both Colonie and Latham residents and businesses will have to wait out the boil water advisory. Crummey shared there is currently no plans to give out more water.