SCHUYLERVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On a wet and dew-dusted Wednesday morning, 25 WSWHE BOCES students came to the Gerald B.H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery with a mission.

Forestry and conservation students came to the 351-acre cemetery to take part in the 7th annual Saluting Branches Day of Service, a time when forestry staff nationwide commemorate veterans by cleaning up and beautifying the greenery at memorials and graveyards.

Students were trimming and cleaning up branches, and even pulling some down from the line of taller trees that faces Duell Road.

Those students, mostly in their first year with BOCES, are learning hands-on trade skills that can go on to be used in fields like tree care and stewardship.

BOCES Junior Madalyn Byrnes said she hopes to use her skills to take over her father’s tree care business.

Students also got a visit from a National Grid employee, who showed them how to use cutters and other tools properly.

It’s not the only place where BOCES students have left their mark this year. At the nearby Washington County Fairground in Greenwich, students spent some of the summer working to make a field across from the fairground suitable for use as a campground space in future years.