Black Friday means that the holiday shopping season has begun. Even though the day is associated with long lines and large crowds, Elaheh Farahmarci from Colonie Center says it has become less chaotic this year.

“It’s a more relaxing shopping environment,” she said. “ Which is great because we know that the holidays can be intense and even stressful.”

Faramarci also says that there are more shoppers this year than the last. She believes it feels calmer because more people are taking advantage of curbside pick-up and buying online- but choosing to pick up the item at the store.  Dharen Nagei and Mohammed Lasddi were surprised to see that things at Crossgates were not as chaotic as they thought it would be.

“We thought it was going to be packed outside- but it’s not,” Lasddi said. “Yeah, it’s not that bad this year.

Back at Colonie Center, Faramarci says that things have also been calmer despite the packed parking lot.

“It’s been great! We’ve had such a great turnout. I think especially post-pandemic,” she said. “They want to get out here and shop, and I think they really miss that.”

Extended shopping hours are now in effect in both Colonie Center and Crossgates until January 1st.